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In the process of PE sheet production line design is to consider what aspects?

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Many people know that the PE sheet production equipment, but did you know that PE sheet production line design process related factors to consider?

Configuration is according to the production varieties, batch production personnel, technical requirements, etc., clothing production line of work is given priority to with work quota, sheet small batch production quotas for production quotas. Production line personnel design includes personnel quantity, type of work, vice, etc.

Master degree of different employees and multi-motor operation management ability development is also a specific issues need to be considered in the design of factors. PE sheet production line workers 50 ~ 60 people, production workers, about 30 people. In the complex production lines, production line manufacturers usually can be divided into the following several important part to arrange their production. Production line layout mainly includes the machine layout, semi-finished products, mobile learning mode, the machine number, model, machine and other factors. The basic structure of the form content including conveyor belt production line. Whatever the layout, production and operation efficiency by the assembly line of the preparation of teaching efficiency and the influence of the mobile payment time. In the suspension type transmission assembly line, synchronous transmission and the production process, loading and unloading activities time can be set to zero. Clothing epidemic determines the clothing culture product update speed and applicability.


In order to meet the requirements of the fast delivery, clothing production are also speed up the pace. Pipeline design of the main limiting factors are needed for processing product batch processing time and the output of a head of time. In production design, PE board production line manufacturers need according to the actual situation of processed products, set its technological requirements and process flow, and separation process. The formation of this process is the division of labor in the pipe. Units are usually in the form of process analysis. Order processing, processing methods, processing time, processing code and each machine types used in the processing are reflected in the processing and analysis. Clothing product style variety, processing methods and the corresponding adjustment. The technological process of plank production line is the result of changing production line design.

At present, the domestic subdivision of based on the style of process design and process were studied. Henan province key scientific and technological project related research led by zhongyuan institute of technology, modular fast production design research and system development achieved certain results. Implementation methods mainly through scientific process classification, rich style library. In the assembly line production, the assembly line manufacturer production team's timely response and adjustment ability is one of the factors influencing the design of an assembly line. The worker's ability to adapt, team leader of the adjustment, field management and monitoring, the team cooperation spirit, and the bottleneck process of digestion ability all affect the design and efficiency of assembly line.

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