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Do you know what are the characteristics of wood-plastics material PE?

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PE wood-plastics material features processing performance is good, high strength, can waterproof, decay resistance, long service life, excellent performance, adjustable with ultraviolet light stability, good pigmentation and recycle reproduction, wide raw material sources, made into any shape and size.


The benefits of the wood plastic composite material is to replace real wood is in various fields, the application of construction products is one of the widely used aspect, takes up a large part. Wood plastic equipment is to use waste wood materials processing and manufacturing of extrusion production line, it is used in construction, indoor and outdoor decoration, car inner decoration, transportation, pallet etc, made into all kinds of outdoor furniture, fences, railings, ceiling, etc; Indoor decoration, decorating plate, wall panels, ceiling, etc.; Inside the car decorating plate, base seat, instrument panel, etc. In general, use woodiness material, can be made into all kinds of material products, but also the material easy operation and maintenance, can according to, plane, can be nailed, products are not afraid to eat by moth, not long fungi, acid alkali resistance, moisture absorption, not easy to deformation, can be recycled. In the development of today, wood plastic equipment can produce different types of items, such as wood plastic greenhouses stent equipment, PVC wood plastic profile extrusion production line, PVC wood plastic sheet extrusion line, construction template equipment, wood plastic sheet extrusion line, PE PE wood plastic profile extrusion production line and so on, variety, and widely used.

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