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Excuse me, how many kinds of plastic sheet production line can produce plastic sheet?

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Plastic sheet production line is a kind of plastic machinery. Is general by sheet machine, sheet production line, sheet, sheet extrusion machine, etc. Plastic equipment operating personnel should be trained, familiar with the use of machinery and equipment structure, performance and USES. Plastic equipment should commissioning before operation, all parts working properly rear can work before starting of clutter in the machinery and feet around areas must be cleaned, ground plate in the assignments section when necessary. The plastic sheet production line can produce what kind of plastic are there? Come and see together with small make up!


1, plastic, metal composite panels

The characteristics of a set of plastic and metal new material - "metal plastic" by Chinese scientists successfully developed recently. Experts said, "metal plastic" has important application value and research in many fields, can be used as a nano and micro machining and various excellent material, can make the auto parts like cheap plastic, in the future. Its shape such as waveform, is often used as roof panel and wall panel. It mainly includes the trapezoidal cross-section waveforms and circular arc form.

2, hard PVC material

Color PVC hard board, color bright, beautiful and easy. Its shape sheet belongs to the opposite sex, at the same time, also called lap plate or side panel, mainly used for ceiling and wall panel.

3, low PE foam plastic board

Polystyrene foam plastics based on polystyrene resin as the main body, adding additive such as foaming agent, at present the most commonly used buffer material. Closed pore structure, small water imbibition, good resistance to water, density is small, general is 0.015 ~ 0.03; High mechanical strength, good cushioning properties, machinability is good, easy to forming, good color, strong adaptability to temperature, the advantages of resistance to radiation, and high dimensional precision, uniform structure. Its shape like sandwich wallboard, mainly used for roof and wall insulation. Because it have should have the basic performance of the wall.

4, polyurethane foam plastic

Polyurethane foam plastic board with isocyanate and polyether or polyester as the main raw material, add fire retardant agents, stabilizing agent, foaming agent, etc., through mixing, stirring produces chemical reaction, the formation of foam is a new type of low temperature heat insulation material. High hole cavity closed porosity, small water imbibition. Polyurethane foam, which are widely used in sandwich panels, insulation, cold storage, grain depot, roof insulation, building insulation and other way.

Common and grating, glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) plate, organic glass (PMMA), etc., these are common plastic market, price is ok.

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