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Plastic extrusion equipment in winter how should maintain?

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1, comprehensive clean up the dust on the various electrical components, electric control priority and PLC, inverter, speed governor can use compressed air to blowing components inside, but not with water. Tighten loose cable, wire connection; Check the cable insulation, aging or poor contact components should be timely replacement.

2 each rated parameters, and record the computer screen, check before starting up, if there is different, according to the records of data input, please.

3, check the main motor grease nipple change before and after adding butter, coupling of the plum blossom pad to see if there is any breakage. Check whether there is any abnormal noise on reducer, reducer gear oil filling and replacement. Open the reducer, carefully cleaning the moving parts and casing, cleaning bearing; Replace lubricating oil;

4, host, clear water, emptying in and out of the water in the water system, so as to avoid the winter cold crack line.

5, check the mold core cooling copper pipe water clean. Drain water pump, vacuum pump, all filters in water, prevent the pump leaf rust and frost crack. After downtime, clean mouth die mandrel, between inlet rust-proof oil coating must be sealed with a wrap film.

6, check the moving parts of equipment, whether there is enough lubrication. Especially the frequent operation of the screw, roller, bearing, guide pillar and other parts, to prevent because temperature is too low, lead to moving parts jammed, which affects the normal production. Bearing, cardan shaft, etc. To add grease on a regular basis.

7, checking and proofreading display pressure, current, voltage, instrument meter, etc; Check each heating elements heating condition, to replace the damaged heating and sensors.

8, stop before emptying screw internal material, prevent the reverse flow of the next boot material. Remove the screw, the screw barrel brush oil, prevent rust and corrosion. According to the removal of cleaning up the screw, barrel, the nose; Measuring the screw diameter; Check the barrel wall and mouth mold for wear and scars. Cutting down local scratch and burr on the surface of the work, achieve smooth not hanging.

9, before the next boot please use multimeter to measure three phase line and between the three phase line to ground or short circuit phenomenon, prevent the mouse chewed wires short-circuited.

10, all sprocket chain filling lubricating oil, all bare easy rusty part do antirust processing.

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