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On the market of plastic pipe production line can produce what kind of pipes?

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Plastic pipe is a common chemical building materials, with its excellent performance and high ratio of popular consumer favorite. So today let's start from the classification of the plastic pipe, take you know about the plastic tube.

At present, there are 6 kinds of common plastic tube on the market.

1. The hard PVC plastic pipe commonly known as UPVC pipe. Light weight, low intensity, self-extinguishing can good, good chemical stability, can be used for drainage, drainage, ventilation, etc.

2. Polyethylene pipe commonly known as PE pipe. According to the different density, can be further divided into high density polyethylene pipe, medium density polyethylene pipe and low density polyethylene pipe. High density high strength and excellent heat resistance, can be used for city gas pipeline and water supply. Stiffness and strength of medium density is general, but have excellent flexibility and creep resistance. The low density of the elasticity and elongation have certain advantages. And its impact resistance, chemical stability and high frequency insulation performance is good, can be used for irrigation in rural areas, power, communication cable, et

3. The crosslinking polyethylene pipe commonly known as PE - X. With excellent memory, environmental protection, chemical properties, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties, can be used in the heating pipe, central air-conditioning duct, hot water supply pipeline building heating and cooling systems, etc. It can also be used as a food industry pipeline.

4. Polybutylene pipe. Commonly known as PB pipe. High strength, creep resistance, easy installation and installation. On the other hand, it is expensive, pipe diameter is small, easy to specific aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvent corrosion, therefore its use range is taboo.

5. Random copolymerization polypropylene pipe commonly known as pp-r pipe. It's non-toxic, tasteless, special health. It has excellent heat resistance and anti-freeze properties, make its become the ideal material of cold and hot water pipe. The hot and cold water supply system is mainly used for private and industrial buildings, beverage manufacturing and conveying system, hot water heating system, air conditioning system, etc.

6. Acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene pipe commonly known as ABS. Tolerance, it has excellent thermal property, corrosion and creep, non-toxic, tasteless, health, clean, but the heat transfer performance is poor, not suitable for exposure to the sun. Abroad are often used to drainage, irrigation, underground diversion, etc., domestic commonly used in indoor water supply and transport corrosive medium.

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